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Mega Modz PS5 DualSense Macro Remap Custom Controller Review

We’ve waited some time for custom PS5 DualSense controllers to bring back button functionality, as well as more companies making it, to raise the pricey prices of these custom builds. After reviewing the Mega Modz Macro Remap Controller for PS4 a few years ago, we couldn’t wait to see what the company has in store for the PS5. Enter the Mega Modz Custom DualSense PS5 controller. To be clear, the Mega Modz Controller Builder offers a ton of options, not just cosmetic, but also in terms of the functionality that the controller is supposed to have. While I am going to cover the specific build we received (Macro Remap), I will also cover additional options and features of the controller builder, some of which we did not select for our production unit.

Mega Modz gave us the chance to design our own build, from the customizable shell and buttons to the special features it contains. One of the biggest build items I decided against was the hairpin triggers I had already found making the Adaptive Trigger feature of the DualSense controller completely useless when we reviewed the HexGaming Hex Rival Custom DualSense. It’s great for quick response times in shooters, but if you’re planning on using this controller for almost any other game (and don’t want to destroy a standout feature of the DualSense) I wouldn’t recommend getting what they call “mechanical” refer to shoulder buttons. ”As I mentioned earlier, I would be happy if a company solves this with trigger stops, similar to what the Astro C40 uses per PS4 controller.

Mega Modz PS5 Dualsense Custom Controller Macro Remap

On the other hand, I wanted to have the mechanical face buttons which reduce the activation distance of the button press on the D-pad and the shape buttons for a faster input response, but these are not currently compatible with the back button module. Also, you need to choose whether to get a Macro Remap controller or a modified controller as these are not cross compatible. We chose the back buttons for macro remapping.

For its back buttons, Mega Modz uses the exact same module as the HexGaming controller, which is comfortable and fits nicely under my fingers, but is too big for these controllers to fit on the Sony DualSense charging cradle. The PS4 Mega Modz controller has its paddles / buttons built right into the handles, but it seems like the packed internals of the DualSense don’t allow the remap components for the back buttons to be fully housed in the controller case. It’s a bit of a disappointment, if inevitable, because I was hoping the button configuration on the Mega Modz would be leaner. This may not be a problem for many people, but my setup relies on the convenience of the charging stand to swap out controllers, which means the Mega Modz PS5 controller tends to sit uncharged for long periods of time. Your mileage may vary depending on how you charge your controllers.

Mega Modz PS5 controller – building the perfect DualSense

But I happen. For this build, I really wanted to test out some of the interesting options, including clear components, two-tone thumbsticks, and a smooth matte paint on the body of the controller. There are many options to choose from and I am very happy with the cosmetic design. Using the Chameleon Green backplate as a base, we went for a solid Mint Green body (which as a soft matte finish that feels good to the touch), sheer purple trim and shoulder buttons, and semi-metallic rose gold buttons, including the touchpad. We also opted for pink thumb sticks with a white bottom.

The Mega Modz Custom DualSense PS5 controller looks and feels better than the controller builder’s tiny image can adequately communicate. Rest assured you are getting a quality product – what it should be for the money spent. It’s an impressively solid controller that feels just as robust, even under heavy use, as a DualSense direct from Sony. And since it’s a modified DualSense, the Mega Modz keeps the same form factor as the first-party controller. However, I haven’t tested it long enough to see if it eventually suffers from the same stick-drift issues that the DualSense faces. (Based on how the mechanical parts of thumbsticks work, I would guess that these are prone to stick drift even with prolonged use.)

Assigning the back button to one of the controller buttons is very simple – just press and hold the remap button, the back button you want to remap, and the face button you want to assign it to. Well, this back button works like a square or cross, so you can reload or jump without taking your thumb off the stick. Each can be set to one of the fourteen main buttons on the DualSense (except for the touchpad, share and options).

Mega Modz PS5 Dualsense Custom Controller Macro Remap

There are then five “sub-modes” that you can enter, which is the advantage of the Macro part of the Macro Remap controller. The first is the standard remapping. Second is a turbo function that presses and releases the button repeatedly as long as the back button is held down. Third is a double tap. Fourth is a triple tap. And finally, the fifth is a continuous push for a period of time. The press and hold times in all sub-modes can be adjusted. Small additional LED indicators on the top of the controller give feedback on what mode you are in and allow you to easily change settings without guessing.

These macros can then be used for a number of functions that mods would normally offer. Any key press that requires a hold can be done with one click. Rapid fire, which requires you to repeatedly press the trigger, can instead be carried out using the turbo function. Think of anything in a game that requires double clicks, quick presses, or long holds, and the Macro Remap Controller can step in to make everything a little bit easier. Above all, these functions are designed for first-person shooters and competitive games, with Mega Modz offering many options call of Duty-Specific examples such as healing, inserting armor plates, and making automatic weapons from those that usually consist of single shots. But using the Macro Remap is only up to your imagination (and the fact that each key can only be assigned a different key. For example, you cannot program macros for combos in fighting games).

Costs and reservations

If you don’t want the macro features, you can save about $ 20 and just get a standard back button module, but if that’s what you’re spending that money in the first place, you might as well opt for the extra cost on the macro feature in the future to use. Since the battery has been modified from a standard DualSense, the battery life is comparable to that of a conventional Sony controller. The Macro Remap functionality doesn’t noticeably affect battery life in any way and lasts just as long as any of my other DualSense controllers. And as long as you don’t get the mechanical triggers, the Mega Modz Custom PS5 controller retains the two greatest DualSense features – adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.Mega Modz PS5 Dualsense Custom Controller Macro Remap

While not quite as expensive as the HexGaming Hex Rival (which can exceed $ 300 if you maximize the customization options), the Mega Modz Custom PS5 controller will still cost around $ 250 depending on what features you add want exactly cheap. However, the benefit you get is the back button macro remapping functionality which not only allows you to map the back buttons but also allows you to create custom single-key macros. You also get a custom designed DualSense that is one of a kind. Most will probably get along just fine with the standard DualSense, but for those gamers looking for a controller that can really improve performance with a unique custom look, as feature-rich as possible, the Mega Modz PS5 DualSense Macro Remap Controller is the best right now Price in the market. Whether that is a price you are willing to pay is up to you.

Mega Modz PS5 DualSense Macro Remap Controller provided by the manufacturer for this test. We were allowed to create our own custom build with the Mega Modz PS5 Controller Builder. Please see our Review Guidelines for more information.

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