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Mark Cerny talks about the PlayStation 5 and how it was built

A new video of WIRED functions Game stations own Mark Cerny talk about PlayStation 5, how it was created and many thoughts that went into the design of the console.

The video is mostly heard as Cerny talks about his time in development and how he and the rest of the development team came to the decisions they made in developing this next generation Playstation Console.

Here you can watch the video for yourself:

It’s interesting to learn more about them PlayStation 5 and the thinking behind it. Hear Cerny for more breakdown of certain features like Ray tracing It was also very interesting to get a better understanding of how these new features can be used.

To be completely honest, the video reminds you of them at one point Mark Cerny Power Hour, which we saw before the console was released but if you’re into technology and want to learn more about it PS5, it is worth seeing.

Source – [WIRED]

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