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Alien: Isolation goes to iOS and Android on December 16 | Pocket Gamer.biz

Feral Interactive announced that Alien: Isolation will be released on December 16th on mobile devices.

Alien: Isolation was developed by Creative Assembly and first released on consoles in 2014 and published by Sega.

Feral Interactive, who are releasing the title on mobile, previously ported the title to Linux and Mac in 2015, followed by a Nintendo Switch launch in 2019.

Alien: Isolation is more focused on camouflage and survival and is designed to resemble the “terrible” atmosphere of the original Alien film from 1979, as opposed to its more action-based sequels.

Nobody in space can hear you scream

15 years after the film, the players in isolation take control of Amanda Ripley, who tries to find out what happened to her mother on the Nostromo.

Alien: Isolation includes the original campaign and all seven DLCs released, such as Last Survivor and Crew Expendable.

Isolation is “bespoke” for touchscreen gaming and features a “bespoke, fully customizable user interface” that allows players to “fine-tune” the game to suit their own style of play.

The game will be released for iOS and Android for $ 14.99 and can be pre-ordered from the App Store.


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