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This is how Sifu’s kung fu fight works – PlayStation.Blog

Greetings to the PlayStation community! I’m Félix, Marketing Manager at Sloclap, and I’ve worked with the team to give you this brief overview of Sifu’s combat system and a glimpse into our design choices.

This is how Sifu's kung fu fight works

Building on our experience working on martial arts gameplay with Absolver, but this time with a focus on a single player game, with Sifu we wanted to offer a unique gaming experience with a strong focus on kung fu and martial arts films. We want the player to feel like the main character of a kung fu movie by fighting villains by the dozen in a nightclub, jumping over tables and throwing bottles.

In terms of design, for us it meant striking a balance between credibility – realistic combat techniques, faithful animation – and aesthetics, with razor-sharp action and immersive camera angles. At Sifu, we wanted to mix the aesthetics of classic kung fu films with the rough hand-to-hand combat of modern films like The Raid, Old Boy or John Wick.

The combat system draws from these various inspirations. We want the gameplay to offer a challenge that matches the Kung Fu values ​​of training and self improvement. And we want the players to experience progress, feel like they are learning kung fu, improving and gradually earning their power imagination.

We designed what we called the Structural System to mimic the real combat vision of impact and breaking your opponent’s stance, their ability to attack and defend themselves. It is in the form of an advertisement for both you and your enemies. If you manage to break through your opponent’s structure, you can end them with a powerful takedown, which is an opportunity to demonstrate the devastating techniques of Pak Mei. But if your own structure gauge is filled, you will not be able to fight and defend yourself for a short time and you will become vulnerable to the attacks of your enemies.

Blocking attacks will quickly fill your balance meter, and we’ve given players a few more flexible defense options. Dodges can help you free up space at important times and can be lifesavers. But more importantly, by parrying hits at the right time, you can parry the blow, throw your opponent off balance, and open up opportunities to counterattack or knock them down. You can also avoid being hit altogether by crouching under or over incoming blows. It is particularly useful against strong hits that you cannot parry or to quickly regain your balance and strike back at your opponent.

The player starts out with an offensive gear that can deal with any opponent, but it will take time to get to grips with the various characteristics of the techniques available to you. You can combine strong and quick attacks to create combos, on a single enemy or from one enemy to another. And as you progress and unlock new skills, you have more options to choose from to suit your play style and how you choose to approach challenging situations. You will be able to knock down your enemies, push them back into their allies, stun them, or disarm a threatening enemy. It will be especially useful when you are fighting more and more opponents at the same time.

Fighting against multiple enemies is at the heart of the Sifu gaming experience. Our goal was to strike the right balance between feeling like the player was surrounded and challenged, but not overwhelmed by the aggression at the same time. We decided to use a dynamic locking system for the camera to enable quick and responsive switching between multiple targets. We have worked on optimizing the game to ensure a stable frame rate of 60 FPS on PlayStation 4, as well as PS4 Pro and PS5 of course, for a smooth and responsive experience. We want the fight to feel like a back and forth motion, with enemies forcing players to react, using a variety of crowd control techniques, and good positioning to prevail.

In addition to relying on their favorite Pak Mei techniques, players must use the environment skillfully to overcome the unfavorable odds they face. We’ve introduced usable items for all combat situations, be it furniture to throw in the feet of your enemies, objects to be thrown, makeshift weapons, or tables to jump over. They add options for players that can approach a particular situation from different angles.

Finally, the focus mechanics allow players to rely on precise and powerful techniques. Focus is a resource that builds up during combat and replenishes charges that you gradually unlock as you play through. Using a focus charge slows down time and allows you to select an opponent’s weak point to perform a devastating technique that will knock out or seriously injure your enemy. Players can access various focus attacks as they unlock new skills, allowing them to adapt to specific situations they are struggling with.

This overview may give you an idea of ​​what is expected of you in order to learn kung fu and get revenge in sifu, but nothing can replace good practice.

Sifu will be released on PS4 and PS5 on February 8, 2022. Find out more about Sifu’s death and aging system in our next PlayStation blog post, which gets published today.

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