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Tapjoy launches in-app marketplace Tapjoy Shopping | Pocket Gamer.biz

Tapjoy has launched its own in-app marketplace, Tapjoy Shopping, which allows users to shop at hundreds of branded retailers.

In particular, there is a premium rewards experience where purchases result in rewards in users’ favorite apps while increasing discoverability for retail advertisers.

Tapjoy has stated that this will also generate additional revenue for app publishers.

Tapjoy launched Offerwall in 2006 as a marketplace where consumers can earn virtual currency in apps.

Tapjoy Shopping differs from it in that it focuses exclusively on retail brands and shopping offers.

Since 86 percent of Gen Zs and Millennials play mobile games and, according to Tapjoy’s latest Modern Mobile Gamer report, more than half shop on mobile devices, they are particularly sought-after target groups for advertisers.

Consumer rewards

There are 10,000+ apps that are part of the Tapjoy network of premium app publishers.

“Our smartphones have forever changed the way we shop, from discovering new products to interacting with brands and buying directly,” said Dom Bracher, Vice President of Product at Tapjoy.

“The new Tapjoy Shopping makes it incredibly easy and convenient for consumers not only to buy relevant products, but also to be rewarded with in-app currency for their favorite games.

“The end result is a marketplace dynamic that really benefits advertisers, app publishers, and of course, consumers themselves.”

The new Tapjoy marketplace shows in advance how much in-app currency the consumer can earn for every purchase. Such incentives will be beneficial to mobile publishers after revenue plummets following the banning of app ads for cost-per-engagement on iOS devices.

Please visit the Tapjoy website for more information.


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