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OnePlus Nord 2 Pac-Man Edition in the test – Waka Waka?

The OnePlus is keen to showcase its Pac-Man inspired design. Fortunately, this isn’t a gimmick used to cover up bigger problems; OnePlus just gives existing hardware a fun twist.

In this case, the OnePlus Nord 2. And this Pac-Man edition really doesn’t change many of the key features of this iteration, but that might not be that bad.

Insert a coin

So what do you get for that extra coin other than a pre-installed version of Pac-Man? On the whole, a few aesthetic additions, most notably a new design for the back of the phone. Pellets are neatly distributed on it in the manner of graph paper, with Pac-Man directly under the camera.

It’s not its usual bright yellow and is actually quite subtle – which works well. However, there is an additional case (hidden in a section on the back of the box) that adds it in its usual hue alongside the game’s logo and four ghosts. Just in case you did want something sour.

In any case, the device is a true fingerprint magnet, just like the Nord 2 – no surprise as it uses the same layered glass design.

The packaging (a tall design, likely a nod to Pac-Man’s arcade past) is actually a lot more eye-catching than the phone itself, with a colored ghost design on the inside. It’s not made in a way that makes you cringe and is actually quite stylish. The same applies to the box itself, which is decorated in subtly shiny holographic silver.

Stowed in the box are the smartphone, a quick guide, a few stickers, the aforementioned case, a 65 W Warp charger and a blinky, light red Type-C to Type-C USB charging cable.

In terms of physical characteristics, this is the same as the Nord 2, with an alarm slider (admittedly in a different color), a Type-C USB charging port, a speaker grille, and a missing headphone jack. There’s also the 6.4-inch HD display, a 50-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, and a 2-megapixel monochrome camera.

All of this is as modestly acceptable as the Nord 2. They do their job well and arguably better than average given the asking price. We took solid pictures with the camera inside and out, and the screen was sharp and clear both when watching videos and when gaming.

Some subtle tweaks have also been made to the phone’s Oxygen OS. The UI icons, for example, are all inspired by Pac-Man, and the nibbling round icon is even present in the quick menu when switching between shortcuts. There are a few other little touches like this that will delight retro gaming fans, and we’re sure we haven’t found all of them during our time with the phone.

Game over?

In conclusion, the OnePlus Nord 2 was – by and large – a hit as a premium smartphone when it launched earlier this year, and this edition doesn’t change that.

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