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Chef’s Tail is now available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

Tail of the cook

XBox Live

Tail of the cook

Art Games Studio SA

$ 11.49

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On the distant banks of a certain river, weary travelers of this underworld, exhausted from their long journey, take the next step in their journey … cake, just like your nana used to do! You are a wild animal, a guardian of the underworld, the untamed and wild cooking cat! As the master chef of the underworld, let the traveling souls savor mortal nourishment to rejuvenate them on their long journey. COLLECTING Plants grow in the underworld. But they are inherently fragile and require constant maintenance to grow in this alien environment. As a cook, your task is to revive the trees and take care of them throughout the seasons "Life", and you have an unlimited supply of ingredients for your dishes. FISHING Some stray fish also sneak into the underworld from time to time. This is extremely good news for you because what is real "Cat chef" doesn’t enjoy a little fishing (and then sashimi) on the side? COOKING The solemn and silent ghosts of the underworld want only to enjoy mortal food – the best relief from their grueling journey. Arm yourself with the cooking utensils and prepare the best dishes you can imagine. However, their hideous customers are reluctant to part with their coin. Make sure, that "woo" they right in buying things. And be careful because some of them dare to steal the products of your hard work! LEARNING Good recipes don’t grow on trees. As you expand your ingredient catalog, you will inevitably learn more cooking recipes.

Product information:
Developer: Art Games Studio
Publisher: Art Games Studio
Website: Chef’s Tail
Twitter: @ArtGamesStudio

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