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Registered PS5 update 1.00.075 adds cross-platform squads

Darkflow Software has the Registered update 1.00.075 patch notes for your consumption, which, among other things, offers a fairly large addition in the form of cross-platform squads. This is also known as Registered update 1.09 on PS4.

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Cross-platform squads!

Play in a squad with friends on PC, Xbox and Playstation! Enlisted now allows you to assemble a roster of players from any of the game’s supported platforms.

Add a player as a friend via the “Contacts” menu, select them in the list and click “Invite to group” or click the “Add player” icon to create your roster. A squad can have up to 4 members.

Added stability to rally points

Every good engineer should plant a tree, build a house, and create a rally point in a house. For this episode of the series, we have greatly simplified the placement of the building layout on sloping surfaces. Rally points will no longer be so cross-country and easier to place.

Take advantage of this and lead your team to victory!

Improved rally point mechanics

We have slightly increased the minimum distance from the nearest capture point where you can set up a constructed rally point. This change will improve the balance of forces fighting for a point in all team missions.

In addition, several rally points that are close together are now combined into one at a shorter distance. This change should have a positive effect on your tactical options when choosing a respawn point.

“The enemy comes from this side”

This type of message was missed by many commanders – because there are already so many missions in Enlisted that you can’t remember all the paths, so of course you want to know beforehand where the enemy will attack from.

Now the direction of an enemy attack is marked with a special marker directly on the map, this makes it much easier to prepare your defense and plan a counterattack.

Updated DLSS library

Great news for all NVIDIA DLSS users! An updated DLSS library leads to better image stability with the same performance!

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