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New CoD Vanguard update today (November 17th) patch notes – shipping card

A new CoD Vanguard update went live today on November 17, 2021, which includes shipping.

It has been almost two weeks since Call of Duty Vanguard launched. Unfortunately, there have been numerous bugs since the game launched, including an issue where players cannot defuse the bomb in the Find and Destroy game mode.

Fortunately, however, we have a new map for the game with the first content update for Vanguard. Shipping is now playable and with the introduction of the new card a shipping list will be added around the clock.

Shipment is a chaotic, fast-paced card that was first introduced in Call of Duty 4. It has since been added to Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Mobile before making its way into Vanguard.

New Vanguard delivery update
New Vanguard delivery update

In addition to adding a new card, we’ve made some bug fixes in today’s update, including a fix to an issue PS5 users have faced that prevented players from launching Vanguard when they had less than 40GB of space on their console.

Other issues including a bug preventing players from equipping camouflages, issues with the next unlock in the Operatros tab, and some bug fixes for zombies. Here is a list of all the bug fixes in today’s Vanguard update, released on November 17th.

Vanguard patch notes dated November 17th

  • Global
    • PS5 – Fixed an issue where players would not be able to start Vanguard if they had less than 40GB of free space
  • weapons
    • Fixed a bug that prevented players from equipping camouflages
    • Players can no longer equip camouflages they do not have
  • Clans
    • Fixed an issue where clan members would crash when trying to send a clan invite
  • Advancement
    • Corrected inconsistencies for Next unlock in the Operators tab


  • Scoreboard
    • Fixed an issue where players could not see the scoreboard after death or after Exfil.
  • user interface
    • Fixed an issue where players could not see armor health in the HUD.
  • goals
    • Fixed an issue where objectives would not start properly, preventing progress.

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