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Believe it! Naruto and Team 7 have arrived in Fortnite

To update [Wed 17th Nov, 2021 02:30 GMT]: Naturo and Team 7 have officially arrived in Fortnite. Above is the promotional trailer to celebrate the announcement.

Original story [Thu 11th Nov, 2021 00:45 GMT]: Earlier this year, during the Epic vs. Apple process, an internal document was released to the public revealing possible upcoming collaborations in the free-to-play title. Fourteen days.

A crossover with was especially mentioned Naruto: Shippuden. Now it appears that the Fortnite Socials made it official – which technically makes it the first anime collaboration in Epic’s Battle Royale shooter.

Yes believe it! As mentioned above, it’s “coming soon” on November 16, 2021 – that’s next week! Corresponding Fortnite leaker ‘HYPEX’, this crossover will add Naruto Cosmetics and a Hidden Leaf Village Creative Hub.

What do you think of this latest crossover for Fortnite? Is it still the best? Leave your thoughts below.


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