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What will mobile space look like on the way to 2022? | Pocket Gamer.biz

Lev Kommisarchik is a gaming veteran with a passion for advertising.

Prior to Anzu, Lev was Director of Partnerships, Publishers and DSP at Fyber, the global monetization platform for mobile publishers with sales of 210 million euros in 2020 and recently acquired by Digital Turbine.

Lev began his adtech career as a publisher account manager at Inneractive, a leading independent mobile ad exchange that was acquired by Fyber in 2016. Lev is an industrial engineer by profession and has extensive experience in mobile gaming and app monetization strategy.

PocketGamer.biz: What are you talking about at PocketGamer Connects Digital NEXT?

Lev commission archives: I’m going to have a session with Jane Anderson, director of monetization at hyper-casual game studio Popcore, titled ‘This is what the mobile sector looks like on the way to 2022‘.

During this session we will discuss last year’s wave of consolidation, including Applovin’s recent takeover of Mopub and what it means for those in the field. We’ll also look at how in-game advertising is helping to bridge the gap between advertisers and game studios, and outline our predictions of where the mobile space will take.

I also take part in the panel discussion entitled “How have new ad formats changed mobile gaming‘and will discuss some of the success stories we’ve seen at Anzu of game studios opening their mobile titles to in-game advertising.

We don’t see it as a mere source of income, we try to help the studios understand how our in-game ads can add to their gaming experience. For example, if a brand has a banner ad next to a track in a racing game or next to a stadium in a sports simulation, the experience can feel more realistic than having fake ads or blank billboards.

… We try to help the studios understand how our in-game ads can improve their gaming experience.

Lev commission archives

I’ll also talk about the importance of continuously analyzing the performance of ad placement in mobile titles. We see the implementation of ad placement within a game as the beginning rather than the end, and we pride ourselves on maintaining close relationships with all of our game publishers, helping them continuously optimize and evaluate their placements to ensure that they are the most of them.

Please tell us more about Anzu and what does it do?

Anzu is the world’s most advanced in-game advertising solution. Working on mobile devices, PCs, consoles and Roblox, Anzu integrates real-world branded ads directly into video games, esports tournaments and live streams.

Anzu’s patented adaptive technology is the only solution of its kind that brings real-time analytics and existing digital industry standards into play. Anzu’s full suite of unique AdTech integrations includes ad visibility, brand lift measurement, audience verification, data enrichment and fraud detection in collaboration with industry leaders such as Moat, Comscore, Kantar and Nielsen.

What is your role in the company?

I manage Anzu’s mobile department, which covers the entire customer journey from lead generation to sales and customer success. I lead a total of three teams who work closely together to ensure that each of our customers is looked after.

Why did you want to work in the games industry?

It’s an extremely exciting time to be part of the industry. Although gambling was massive even before the pandemic broke out, millions of people got into gambling for the first time over extended lockdown periods. Statistics show that many of them have continued to play even as we begin to get out of the pandemic.

Anzu’s technology is also very advanced and is miles ahead of anything else on the market. This way my team can reach and win some of the most exciting mobile studios in the world, including Miniclip, Voodoo and Amanotes – SEA’s favorite mobile game provider.

What advice would you give someone considering a career in games?

First of all, you need to decide where your passion lies, get the right qualifications or experience for a career, and then keep an eye on those areas of the industry. As gaming continues to grow, so will job opportunities. We are hiring for several new positions. So if you think you have what it takes, check them out.

Has the gaming industry changed since you started?

A few years ago, the term “gamer” was reserved for a group of geeks – many associated the term with teenagers playing from the darkness of their bedroom. Everyone is a gamer now. Whether you play on your phone, PC or console, these days you rarely find anyone who doesn’t play games in some form – and that includes my grandma!

… Nowadays you rarely find someone who doesn’t play games in some form – and that includes my grandma!

Lev commission archives

What big changes have you noticed in the gaming industry over the past 12 months?

I’ve noticed that games are expanding into other industries more than ever. Netflix just released a TV show based on the League of Legends universe and has a huge list of new movies and TV shows based on video game franchises.

They also just launched their own games that can be accessed using the Netflix Android app. Merchandise and fashion for games and their characters have become big business, especially with children. It rarely happens that I go to my child friends’ birthday parties and don’t see anyone in a Roblox, Minecraft, or Fortnite themed t-shirt. And when it comes to the music industry, some of the greatest artists in the world have partnered with game studios – forget Madison Square Garden – Fortnite is the new world stage.

What changes do you see in 2022 – and beyond?

Perhaps the most important trend is that the industry is becoming cross-platform. In the past few years, cross-platform games like Fortnite, Roblox, and Genshin Impact have amassed huge fan bases with people playing together on different devices.

Gaming is no longer limited to one platform and there will be many more games going in that direction in the next 12 months, especially as cloud gaming hits the market and mobile devices can run more powerful titles.

At Anzu, we believe in the cross-platform future. That’s why we’ve worked to become the first platform to programmatically deliver in-game ads to mobile devices, PCs, and consoles.

At Anzu, we believe in the cross-platform future

Lev commission archives

Which part of PocketGamer Connects NEXT are you most looking forward to?

I always enjoy listening to smart people and, like every year, the November conference has some fantastic speakers! It will be great to hear how the studios have moved over the past year and what they think the future holds, especially as we begin to emerge from the pandemic with an even larger audience than anyone could have imagined.

Itamar Benedy, CEO of Anzu, will also be talking about the Metaverse this year and where it can fit game developers – one not to be missed!

You can hear Lev – and Itamar – speak on Pocket Gamer Connects Digital NEXT, which runs Monday 15th November through Friday 19th November this week. Here you can find out more and register.


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