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Review: Space Crew: Legendary Edition (Nintendo Switch)

Space Crew is a very interesting game. Its charming graphics don’t really convey how much the game gives you the bum. It’s tough, brutal, unforgiving, and yet somehow keeps a lot of fun. The Legendary Edition said, “Hey, what if we add more to the game but keep it just as brutal?” While the game isn’t fully balanced and sometimes feels unfair, Space Crew: Legendary Edition is fun enough that I can recommend it, as long as challenging space sims are the kind of game you’re looking for.

In our original Space Crew Review we said: “You will learn to use every trick your crew has made to survive, or you will die over and over again like I did. Even if there was no room for error, I still found Space Crew funny, which led me to beat its missions just to annoy it. Take away the simple non-existent storyline and you have a challenging and reasonably fun space sim. You will either love it or hate it. “

With Space Crew: Legendary Edition you get the base game plus a brand new campaign, new away team missions and new Legendary Crew members. All in all, for $ 25, you get quite a bit of new content. If you’ve owned Space Crew before, this Legendary Edition is completely free. Ultimately, the same issues we mentioned in our original review exist with the Legendary Edition.

Space Crew: Legendary Edition is still very difficult, which is at the core of the game. Yes, there is a level of difficulty that brings it down a bit. However, there have been cases when things went really wrong and instead of seeing a straight answer to it, I was just frustrated that I didn’t know what had happened. Granted, the level of detail you control in the game is pretty impressive. Every decision is yours. However, I found this to be part of the problem. I had so many things to do, so many decisions to make, that at times I completely forgot what to do and died.

Space crew

The thing is, Space Crew: Legendary Edition still has its fun moments. If you grapple with the level of difficulty and all the tasks you need to complete, there is a fun simulation underneath. You really feel like you are putting your own crew and ship together and embarking on your own unique adventure. With the new content in the Legendary Edition, you’ve got tons of content to keep you busy.

Ultimately, Space Crew: Legendary Edition falls into the category of “certain type of game for a certain type of player” for me. If you’ve never played a challenging space simulation or are not that familiar with them, then I really think Space Crew is not for you. It is difficult with many systems that you need to understand and control. It is very unforgiving no matter what the game may look like at first glance. However, if you are someone who loves challenging space simulations and is looking for something new to add to your Nintendo Switch, then Space Crew: Legendary Edition is probably a game that you will enjoy.

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