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PGC Digital: How Listening to Your Audience Can Increase User Acquisition | Pocket Gamer.biz

User acquisition is one of the most important hurdles for developers when it comes to publishing a title, and it is often one of the most expensive.

On the second day of Pocket Gamer Connects Digital NEXT, Eran Holzman, Creative Director of Zag Games, explained how Miraculous Ladybug RP hit 100 million plays in seven weeks without spending it on user acquisition.

Holzman stated that the studio achieved “organic” user acquisition and did not pay any influencers to promote the content, but simply “gave power to the players.”

As players could create their own content through role-playing and animation scenes, the game gained prominence on social media during its closed beta.

Since its inception, Miraculous RP has been played over 250 million times and reaches over 1.2 million users each week.

Power to the players

“Where our fans are, we make sure they are there and pick up the things they want most. We want to know what drives them,” said Holzman.

“Keep listening to the players and giving them what they want. The active players are the ones who get involved elsewhere and we want to know how we can stage the active players on social media.”

Holzman noted that with every new tag update in the game, new videos were uploaded to social media.

In response, Tag began adding episode clips that brought in cast and locations from Miraculous Ladybug episodes so fans can “recreate” moments from the show.

Holzman also discussed ways other developers can extend their user acquisition strategies through cross-platform publishing.

Regarding cross-platform publishing, Holzman commented, “You want to expand your reach as much as possible.

In particular, Holzman stated that across the Miraculous Ladybug game portfolio, younger players tend to use Roblox, while older players typically play the standalone Miraculous Ladybug mobile game.

Holzman advised that word of mouth and social media traction will keep users growing by knowing where your audience is and tailoring the content to it.

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