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Gaiares is getting a physical remake with the help of the child who fostered them 31 years ago

Jamie Bunker
Image: renovation

Retro-Bit has done an excellent job of physically re-releasing classic video games and has already released new versions of. made available R-type III, holy diver and Undercover cops, as well as collections for NES and SNES.

For his next trick, Retro-Bit is reviving one of Mega Drive / Genesis’ most popular shmups. Gaiares – It was the first game to receive a “perfect” score from a reviewer for GamePro magazine.

This horizontally scrolling blaster was developed by Telenet Japan in 1990 and released in both Japan and North America by Renovation (Force-Pod by R-Type). 18 different types of weapons are offered, and the more times you use the TOZ against the same enemy, the more powerful the stolen weapon becomes.

Image: retro bit

Those of you old and brave enough to remember the release of Gaiares in the west may remember the mullet star of the game’s promotional campaign, “pro gamer” Jamie Bunker. Retro-Bit hired Bunker to recreate the magazine ad he starred in in 1990, which is a nice touch. The game will even include an interview with him. According to Sega Retro, Bunker came to renovation in 1989 as a video game tester and now works as a Staff Program Manager at Seagate Technology.

The new physical version of the game will contain the following elements:

  • Translucent tektite cartridge
  • Full color instruction manual
  • Reversible cartridge inlay sleeve
  • Individually numbered certificate of authenticity
  • Exclusive interview with James Bunker
  • Decorated slipcover
  • Free commemorative t-shirt
  • Every sale brings a donation to the Videogame History Foundation
Image: retro bit

According to Retro-Bit, there won’t be a digital release of the game on modern systems, and there are no further plans for further re-releases – so if it’s gone, it’s gone. As mentioned above, a donation from every sale goes to the Video Game History Foundation.

Retro-Bit has also confirmed that the cart will be compatible with North American and PAL consoles, as well as “most” third-party consoles that can run Genesis / Mega Drive cartridges. However, due to the shape of the cassette, it does not fit into Japanese Mega Drive consoles.

Retro-Bit also states that the cart uses a 5 volt chip “to keep your console performing” and that its edge connector is beveled “to allow it to be properly inserted without damaging the pins in the cartridge slot” . This may seem strange, but other re-releases – such as Gleylancer – came with unbevelled edges.


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