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Fortnite v18.40 – map changes

The Fortnite v18.40 update has arrived with a number of new changes to the map. You can read our patch notes for v18.40 here.

Any map change was provided by FNAssistso check them out!

The convergence

The convergence has now taken the shape of a pyramid in preparation for the live finale of Season 8.

The fortress

Level 1 of the new fort landmark is now being built. It’s located outside of Pleasant Park and will be linked to the upcoming Season 8 Live Finale.

The gnomes

The gnomes that were spotted en route to the Hydro 16 dam in a previous update can now be located on the edge of the Slurpy Swamp.

The gnomes from Craggy Cliffs can now be seen leaving the island, and even the gnome from the radio tower joins them.

Kakashi NPC

The new Kakashi NPC is now south of the Primal Pond Landmark.

That’s every map change since the Fortnite v18.40 update.

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Fortnite was also nominated in two categories at The Game Awards 2021. Click here to read.

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