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Building the Nerf Legends blasters – PlayStation.Blog

Hello! I’m Mihai Preda, studio manager here at Fun Labs, and we’re the studio behind Nerf Legends. GameMill Entertainment, our publisher, had spoken to Hasbro about the possibility of a potential Nerf game and when they presented us the pitch we liked the idea of ​​bringing the toys in a video game to life and creating a unique universe to go with it with you. From the start, everyone supported the creative freedom to develop a unique set of characters, levels, and stories, and create a universe never before seen in a Nerf game.

Nerf Doomlands The Judge Real toy on the left, play model on the right.

Regarding my personal history with the Nerf brand, my son loves Nerf blasters – it’s one of his favorite toys and he’s been a source of inspiration and creativity throughout the project. There is something about his adventurous spirit and his amazement that I just enjoy. I see it when we chase each other with blasters or challenge each other to shoot targets across space. Most of all, I think he’s pretending I’m an alien so he can shoot arrows at his old man.

It was a lot of fun taking these Nerf blasters my son and I play with and translating them into the game. We were lucky enough to receive the 3D CAD models that were used to make the plastic molds for the toys. This was a great starting point for us as they were basically blueprints that allowed us to quickly create high quality, game-ready blasters that we knew authentically match their real-world counterparts.

Nerf Elite 2.0 Shockwave Real toy on the left, play model on the right.

For the game, we wanted to make things even better and bring the blasters to life to fit the new universe we created. We were inspired by the shape and appearance of the blasters and illustrated them with science fiction coatings, animated lights and other effects without changing the identity of the blaster. This was important to us because we wanted to make sure the blasters were still recognizable from what people played as kids (or as adults who still have fun with nerf blasters).

Nerf Elite Titan CS Real toy on the left, play model on the right.

It was just as important that the blasters feel right, and we wanted to make sure they all felt different. We took inspiration from many other shooter games and divided the blasters into classes. Some, like the Judge, are great short range blasters that do a lot of damage up close. Others like the Nerf Mega Centurion specialize in long-range sniper-like actions. Then there is the Nerf Ultra One, which is a well-rounded mid-range blaster. Additionally, each is specially balanced with a variety of parameters like range, accuracy, dispersion, drop, reload speed, cooldown time, and more. In addition, we put a lot of energy into the visual and acoustic identity of each blaster. We handcrafted the visual effects, animations and sound to further differentiate the feel. For example, the Nerf Elite Titan is a giant blaster that feels powerful but slows you down because it’s bulkier. It’s a very different experience than the fast, fast-firing Nerf Ultra Two.

Nerf mega sniper Real toy on the left, play model on the right.

Nerf Legends takes place in the near future where blasters are upgraded and used for a Nerf tournament. In this context, the sound of the blasters is inspired by the toys, but improved and taken to a whole new level. We leaned on some sci-fi sound effects that vary a lot from blaster to blaster, but it’s not the pew noise you hear in movies. We focused on the idea of ​​improving the mechanical inner workings of the toy and giving them subtle electromagnetic sounds, as if the blasters are propelling arrows with magnetic forces.

Nerf AccuStrike RaptorStrike Real toy on the left, play model on the right.

We worked closely with Hasbro to create a diverse list of blasters from different series like Ultra, Mega and Elite, including older and newer models. Most of the blasters in the game have appeared in the last five years, but we also have a few that were only released this year. We hope you find a Nerf blaster that you love when the game launches on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on November 19th.

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