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Bitlife Dogs Top Dog Guide – How to Get Top Dog and What to Do

Top Dog is a setting in Doglife: Bitlife Dogs that gives you access to a whole host of things that you can’t get without them. For example, you can play as a cat and you don’t have to see ads while practicing your tricks.

If you’re going to be playing Doglife: Bitlife Dogs a lot – and we assume it’s you, it’s damn addicting – then Top Dog is worth considering. In this guide, we are going to show you what Top Dog can bring you and how to unlock it.

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What is Topdog?

Top Dog is a way to get a number of additional benefits in Doglife: Bitlife Dogs. What are the advantages? Why, these types of benefits.

  • All breeds of dogs
  • All breeds of cats (and you can play as cats)
  • Customize appearance and attributes
  • Edit people & animals
  • Locate lost animals
  • Dark mode
  • No advertising

How do I get Top Dog

The only way you can get Top Dog is by buying it. It’s a one-time IAP that earns you $ 2.99. That’s not super expensive, and the fact that it gets rid of the ads – one of the most annoying parts of Doglife: Bitlife Dogs – makes it almost a breeze.

We wouldn’t recommend buying it right now. Play the game and see if you like it, then decide whether to go for Top Dog. If you choose, you can tap the Become Top Dog button at the top right of the screen to purchase the IAP.

Is there any other way to take advantage of the benefits?

For the most part no, there isn’t. You can unlock all dog breeds by purchasing the Dog Lover IAP for $ 1.99, and you can get all the cat breeds and unlock the ability to play as a cat by purchasing the Cat Lover IAP, also for $ 1.99.

The fact is, if you’re spending a few dollars on just one thing, you might as well put in an extra dollar and get rid of the ads at the same time.

There is a chance that some unlock codes will be released that will allow you to take advantage of some of the benefits for free, but at the moment there aren’t any in the wild.

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