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Random: There’s a lot of creepy new stuff in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update

Image: u / Etown20 (Reddit)

Spoilers for some of the new Animal Crossing items!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons just received a massive update with over 9,000 new items. Well, 9,000 new items is a lot of furniture the internet is slowly uncovering, and yet we have already noticed one issue: there is sure to be a lot more creepy stuff as previously.

Don’t get us wrong, there have been scary things. After all, from day one we had the opportunity to create our own cemeteries. But now there are BONES. Annoying polishing effects. Two new camera filters that make everything look kind of spooky. And over at Happy Home Paradise, customers have inquiries Houses full of dolls. Is everyone okay at Nintendo?

Let’s take a look at some of the disturbing new items available in the update:

Human bones

Image: u / Dancho_AC (Reddit)

Try not to think about it too much. Sure, we’ve had the skull as a fossil for a while, but that’s it old Man – those bones look like youngest. Our money hangs on the bones of someone who has stopped playing again and again …


Image: u / jaspercoo (Reddit)

Sure, mannequins aren’t scary just showing off clothes, but they have potentially scary appliquΓ©s. After all, this is basically the first human-shaped furniture we’ve seen in New Horizons – if you wanted to display clothes earlier, you’d just get a small stand. Even in New Leaf, dresses were displayed on a villager-like wooden dummy with no features. These are ACTUAL HUMAN SHAPES and the effects are enormous. Are there real people in Animal Crossing? Where are they? What’s wrong with our villagers that they don’t look like that ?!

Mossy stuff

Again, moss alone isn’t scary – it’s basically just a sponge made out of grass. But with the right furnishing know-how, you can build creepy houses for your villagers with the new material Glowing Moss!

New animated wallpapers

There are two new animated wallpapers that will make you wish to put a toilet in the room: graveyard and candles. They don’t sound too scary, but there is a trick for both of them …

At the cemetery wall, try to turn off the lights and you will find that there is a ghost in the background. Turn the lights on and off again and the spirit draws closer. Terrifying!

The candle wall is cool, but when combined with the Magic Circle flooring (and the lights off) a magic circle of light will appear. You have been warned. Do not summon demons! Getting ugly villagers off your island is hard enough, you don’t need Satan’s brood too.

Spinning top

Darker than he looks
Darker than he looks

Gyroids are lovely and very cute, but they’re also a little terrifying. They are based on Japanese Haniwa – Figures created in honor of the dead and buried with them. If you dig them up, you could disrupt a grave.

The science pod

Want to be one of those crazy scientists with a basement full of horrific experiments? Good news for you: the new Science Pod furniture element doubles as a table, and you can place items so that they look like they’re floating in goo. Some examples:


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Much like the mannequins, the ruins have an eerie impact. Who was here before us … and what happened to them? There are ruins on Happy Home Paradise Island, and you can also make your own by unlocking the furniture yourself.

We have to wonder why Nintendo added all these weird new things. Sure, it gives people new options for haunted houses and gothic islands, but they didn’t have to go like that heavy!

Found creepy furniture or new content? Let us know in the comments!


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