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Payday Crime War starts in early December in a limited beta version for Android | Pocket Gamer.biz

Mobile games publisher PopReach has announced that Payday Crime War will enter a limited beta phase in early December.

The limited beta is open to Android users worldwide, with developers claiming that sharing gameplay feedback will affect development.

Payday Crime War is a standalone first-person shooter set in the Payday universe and the first title in the series to be released on mobile devices.

Crime War features co-op heists with a new take on classic Payday 2 heists and a new four-on-four multiplayer where SWAT teams battle thieves.

Earlier Payday characters, including Dallas and Hoxton, will return for the mobile iteration of the franchise. The game will feature popular payday heists such as Trainyard, Branch Bank, and Art Gallery.

In addition, the game will include assets from Payday 2 and its various additional content.

Time to mask yourself

“Our PopReach team has a track record of translating successful shooter games to mobile devices, so we’re excited to shoot a genre-defining classic like Payday,” said Christopher Locke, President of PopReach.

“Partnering with Starbreeze and leveraging their IP knowledge and this huge integrated audience creates a tremendous opportunity for Payday on mobile. Together we believe we will be able to deliver a premium mobile shooter experience, that is the most loyal Heister. “

PopReach Chief Designer Ed Hicks added, “We’re all huge fans of Payday and our design efforts have focused on creating a mobile-first gameplay experience that preserves the original spirit of the franchise. We’re excited to be collecting feedback on our beta attendees to help us deliver a game that Payday fans, new and existing, will love. “

PopReach works closely and under license with Payday developer Starbreeze, with Payday Crime War slated for global release in 2022 on both iOS and Android devices.


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