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Outriders New Horizon Update brings big endgame changes, expansion is coming in 2022

Square Enix and People Can Fly have revealed new expeditions, an improved loot system, and more coming to Outriders in the upcoming New Horizon update.

You can get a glimpse of what to expect in New Horizon in a new trailer revealed this morning, but during the big Outriders stream held today, the team added even more details about the update. More precisely, four new expeditions, a completely revised expedition system, an improved loot system and a new transmog system await you when New Horizon goes live tomorrow.

In terms of expeditions, the four new ones will be live on the same day that the update goes live. However, like the rest of the expeditions, they are being reworked: by default, timers are disabled and how fast or how slow you complete an expedition no longer matters to your loot. Timers will still be an option for them, but using them will only give you “bragging rights” as they will no longer affect your loot reward.

Speaking of loot rewards, loot you already own is now less likely to fall into the game, which means you should see a surge in the new gear and weapons you acquire. You can now also complete the final Outriders mission, Eye of the Storm, for a free legendary loot of your choice. There will always be three random legendary items available as rewards for completing Eye of the Storm and it will never be loot that you already have.

When it comes to the new Outriders transmog system, it’s about what you’d expect: you can transfer the stats and capabilities of one weapon to the physical appearance of another weapon, and the same goes for any piece of equipment. So if you want to get a better gun but don’t want to miss the look of your current gun, you don’t have to – just use transmog to carry the look of that gun forward. According to People Can Fly, even the sounds made by your gun follow the transmog.

New Horizon will go live tomorrow, November 16th, and it will likely be the last major update like this before Outrider’s 2022 expansion called Worldslayer. People Can Fly said that at some point in the future you can expect more from this expansion.

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