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Game Pass includes PC Games presentations: Halo Infinite Tournament

We’ll keep reminding you … Games Pass contains PC games. In our recent PC Builder series, we loved showcasing some awesome custom builds that Age of Empires IV and Back 4 Blood. So now we thought, “What else could we do with all these great games that are playable with Game Pass for PC?” How about running a competitive gaming and esports tournament for PC gamers! So, yeah, let’s do that now.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Key Art

In case you missed it, we’ve hosted some energetic tournaments, like the $ 25,000 Xbox Fanfest Halo 3 tournament, and from that we learned that fans are looking for some serious competitive play. Don’t say anything anymore! We’re adding more exciting tournaments for players to enjoy, whether you’re planning to become the next esports legend or you and your friends want to play a new tournament over the weekend, we’ve got you covered.

Announcing a new competitive series with our friends at 343 Industries that encourages fans to take the next step in their competitive gaming careers. Welcome to Game Pass Has PC Games Presents: Halo Infinite Tournament.

Game Pass includes PC Games presentations: Halo Infinite Tournament

Game Pass includes PC games registration
  • 128 team online tournament via Smash.gg
  • Broadcast on Twitch.tv/Xbox
  • Spread over two days from Saturday 11th December to Sunday 12th December
  • A team wins the main prize of a paid trip for the 1stNS Halo Championship Series (HCS) live event in Raleigh, North Carolina that includes airfare, hotel and a team pass
  • This tournament will be cast by some of the same HCS shoutcasters connected to the circuit
  • Registrations are now on Smash.gg/Xbox (Only we)

Be on the lookout as this is just the first of many events we’ll be hosting. We have a lot more to do in 2022 and we’ll have more news to share soon!

Stay tuned to Smash.gg/Xbox and Twitch.tv/Xbox to find out more.

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