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Fortnite v18.40: Early Patch Notes

The final update of Chapter 2, Season 8, was announced for November 16. Here is everything expected in v18.40.

Fortnite x Naruto

Fortnite’s collaboration with Naruto is officially announced today with the v18.40 update. Four new outfits with matching back blings and pickaxes are expected to be added to the files along with a new kunai weapon, the Hidden Leaf Village creative hub and new NPCs.

Vote on new war effort

The Flint Knock Pistol is expected to compete against the proximity grenade launcher in a vote that allows players to determine which weapon shouldn’t be domed, just as the previous votes worked.

Picture over @HYPEX

The First Shadows bonus styles

As promised by Epic in the official patch notes for v18.30, subscribers to the Crew Pack who own the September, October and November cosmetics will receive an additional bonus style for each item.


The BRUTE, which has been confirmed to return at the end of Season 8, is expected to be updated to version 18.40 and can be featured in the final vote on the war effort that will determine whether to reintroduce it in Battle Royale.

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Season 8 Finale Event Files

The season 8 finale event is also expected to be added to the files in v18.40. They’re usually encrypted to avoid major leaks that would ruin the next season, but sometimes small files remain visible to everyone. We recommend avoiding social media if you don’t want to see spoilers.

We’ll be releasing the full patch notes for everything that’s included in the v18.40 update as soon as it goes live.

Source: HYPEX

In other news, Epic Games recently ended the Fortnite China test. Click here to read.

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