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Battlefield 2042 players who join XP farm servers quickly discover that they are the prey

Battlefield 2042 players use Battlefield Portal to join XP farms in hopes of gaining experience to unlock in-game items. Unfortunately, many quickly discover that these servers are traps and they are being hunted down.

Battlefield Portal is a new way for players to create their own multiplayer experiences by mixing and matching elements from Battlefield 2042, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, and much more.

However, as reported by PC player, Lots of early players create XP farming servers, which are basically a small human team fighting a larger team of bots that are low on health and have no weapons. What makes this a problem in Battlefield 2042 is that players who join one of these servers after the smaller human team is full will be thrown at the bot team to be butchered.

While this would cause many to stop immediately, PC Gamer’s Tyler Wilde noted that there are certain gamers who are trying to beat the odds and stand up against their attackers.

“What’s really funny is that not everyone leaves after finding out that only a handful of players are XP farming on the server and they’re not one of them,” Wilde wrote. “I stayed here and watched the players desperately run knives at their tormentors over and over again.

“There must have been a rumor at some point that typing ‘/ switch’ or ‘/ swapteam’ in chat would get you to the other team because there are a lot of them. It doesn’t work. I’ve also seen strings the players give ‘/ gun’, apparently hoping the command will give them a gun.

EA has been working on solving this problem and reducing those XP gains for those XP farmers. That is a good thing, because this problem does not only affect the would-be XP farmers who become the prey, as it also leads to the server limit of the Battlefield portal being exhausted. EA has confirmed that it is also working on unblocking more servers.

Battlefield 2042 is slated for official release on October 18, 2021. However, players with EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can now play a 10-hour trial. Additionally, those who bought the Gold or Ultimate editions of the game can get in early too.

In our ongoing Battlefield 2042 review, we said, “After a dozen hours of Battlefield 2042, it’s clear that not all new ideas are completely successful, but those that are can be seriously impressive.”

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