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Maid of Sker Spiritual successor to the Sker ritual announced

Wales Interactive has announced a cooperative survival first-person shooter. Sker ritual, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S and PC. The title is slated for release in 2022 and is a spiritual successor to the horror game. Sker’s maid.

Further details have not yet been released, but you can check out a teaser below. A short description is:

The cooperative survival first-person shooter and spiritual successor to the award-winning occult horror Maid of Sker. Play alone or with up to four players to survive the supernatural onslaught of the silent.

For those who don’t know Sker’s maid, it’s a first-person survival horror adventure that was released back in 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch (be sure to read our review). Inspired by Welsh folklore, the game transports players to 1898 where they must survive their stay in an infamous hotel.

An overview of the plot looks like this:

Sker’s maid is brought to you through a collaboration between the twisted folks at Wales Interactive and the writing talent behind it Don’t knock twice and SOMA and is inspired by the folk tale of Elisabeth Williams – the tragic story of a 19th century Welsh woman who lost her life after her father locked her in her room to die of heartbreak. Sker’s maid tells the story of a family empire fueled by a supernatural mystery that is suffocating the hotel grounds. Tia Kalmaru also lends her voice to the game to recreate Welsh hymns on the theme Sker’s maid‘s terrifying tone.

We’ll update our readers when we get more information about. to have Sker ritual.

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