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Punball Review – A decent bouncing action puzzle game

Punball mixes block breaker and roguelite mechanics into a mid-core action puzzler that has a lot to offer. It can be frustrating, it can be annoying, but when it clicks it can also be a lot of fun.

In the game you play a magician. You are at the bottom of the screen and blocky monsters are approaching you. You have to fire glowing magic balls to try and stop them from reaching you.

During the game, you’ll add more bullets to your shots and unlock special skills. You may be able to set enemies on fire, fire missiles when they die, or increase the health you gain when you regenerate.

After a certain number of waves, you’ll take on a massive boss. These massive blocks have huge health bars and a myriad of different skills and you need to be on your guard if you want to take them out.

There is also equipment to unlock. New wands, armor, and other accessories can improve your skills and make you stronger, and there is a simple progression system that will also make you more powerful as you spend coins.

Punball has a nice rhythm, albeit one that is sometimes jammed with free-to-play mechanics and a large number of different menus and reward screens. However, when you are actually playing it is hard not to get captivated.

It might not be the most nutritious gaming experience, but there is enough meat on these bones to keep your hunger pangs satisfied for a while. You will hop in punball, throw a few balls and earn a few coins, and then wander around to do something else. This is a game that takes the form of the mobile experience and makes the most of it.

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