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Battlefield 2042 voice chat is missing on startup, will be added later

Battlefield 2042 should have been postponed again, ”reads a blunt headline from Mike Hume of the Washington Post, who, like many others, was surprised by the state in which the game started (early access is now live). That was just discovered Battlefield 2042 currently has no voice chat function – a glaring omission in a modern multiplayer shooter.

According to gamers and reviewers, the lack of voice chat is most noticeable in the 32-player danger zone, where you battle other squads in a squad of four. Electronic Arts told the Washington Post that most people use applications like Discord and console party / chat features to communicate, so they add in-game voice chat “shortly after launch”. One problem: when no friends are playing Battlefield 2042 and you queue up to play with players outside of your friends list, then you get stuck communicating with your team via the quick chat menu, which is of course at a disadvantage compared to players who communicate verbally. Ouch!

Battlefield 2042 may not come with in-game voice chat at launch, but there are a variety of technical issues. EA confirmed this, writing that while DICE “worked extremely hard on it,” Battlefield 2042 In order to get it into the smoothest and most worthwhile state possible ”, there is no introduction“ that has ever been without errors, and you might still run into some errors and problems in the first few weeks ”.

A long list of known issues is available on the EA website for those interested.

Battlefield 2042 will launch worldwide on November 19th.

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