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Tiny Tina’s Attack on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure Review (PS4)

Just in time to prepare for the start of 2022 Tiny Tina’s wonderland, one of the best Borderlands expansions ever, is back to shine with all of its D&D delight. Repackaged by 2K as a “one-shot adventure”, Assault on Dragon Keep returns as an independent version. But who is it for exactly? We ask because it’s supposedly the exact same loot shooter experience, complete with local / online four-player co-op and the same Borderlands anarchy, on top of all the high-fantasy trims.

To be fair, it’s more than believable that this bite-sized adventure might have passed some people by. When you’ve played and enjoyed Borderlands 2 but for example not immersed or left out completely for the DLC Borderlands: The Handsome Collection There’s a lot to love here on PS4. You will shoot down dragons, skeletal archers and tons of orcish monsters to complete Title Tina’s fantasy tabletop campaign. That she’s telling events and unpredictably swapping characters and events almost all the time is still a cool twist when it comes to D&D adjustments. You can see why the concept will soon be upgraded to a full game.

All four of Borderlands 2’s main vault hunters are here, along with the Mechromancer and Psycho classes that were released after it launched. This is only a 4-5 hour trip, but developer Gearbox wisely speeded up the rate at which you level up, giving you two points (instead of one) to flow into your skill tree to make things happen keep going. The Expandalone is also included in a platinum trophy, something that neither the Original nor the Handsome Collection version had, so hardcore Borderlands enthusiasts have every excuse to venture back.

Is this one-shot adventure a must-do repeat? Absolutely not, but as a nice introduction to the upcoming jump into Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, this chaotic dose of cell-shaded action fantasy is well worth the short trip back.

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