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The Ramp Review – A Zen Meditation About Skateboarding

The Ramp is a game that understands the quirky, expressive side of skateboarding. This is not a sport that consists only of flaming skull tattoos and terrifying nu-metal soundtracks, it can be almost zen-like, a rolling meditation on form and flow.

There are no scores to chase here, no ridiculous accomplishments or ostentatious distractions. It’s just you, a board and a ramp. You have a direction slider and a pump button and when you combine these you can get some speed. You can perform tricks while in the air or drag along the top edge of the ramps.

It takes a while for the control scheme to click. It’s a little counter-intuitive for you to pump on the flat and let go on the slopes of the ramp, but once things are in place there is an effortless thrill in the experience.

Since you are not aiming to score or stretch for a goal, you can experiment. Can i jump over it Can I do an extra spin here? But this experimentation can be as casual as just rolling, caught in the rhythm of wheels on wood. And it’s an addicting rhythm.

The ramp is not without its problems. The controls and fixed camera angle can make some of the levels a little tricky, and it could be argued that this isn’t enough to justify the price. The first ramp is free, but you have to pay $ 2.99 to unlock the other three.

But at the same time the game has a fantastic quality. It is a game for its own sake, not to try to dethrone another player or achieve some fancy, supervised potential. Instead, you roll and you float and lose yourself in those moments of weightlessness.

The Ramp will appeal to a certain type of gamer, someone looking for an experience that captures the ethereal, exploratory nature of skateboarding, not the gaudy, rebellious howl it is sometimes portrayed as. Either you are going to love it or you are going to think it is a waste of time. And we’re stuck in the first category.

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