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RiotX Arcane Project Leader Talks League Crossover with Fortnite, Among Us

Riot Games is doing everything it can to promote its new animated series. Arcanewhich airs episodes weekly on Netflix. Much of this advertising effort comes from the company’s RiotX Arcane Initiative, a month-long marketing event Arcane through all possible ways.

This month, Riot made it a priority, the world of Arcane to its five game titles as well as games outside the riot roof. In the past two weeks alone, Riot has partnered with game developers like Innersloth, Epic Games, and others to bring Arcane‘s thematic elements and different characters to titles outside of the riot universe.

At the top of RiotX Arcane is Brandon Miao, the groundbreaking event’s project leader. Miao sat down with Dot Esports to provide an inside look at RiotX Arcane Project and how Riot’s collaboration with other game developers came to the surface.

Earlier this week, Riot and Innersloth revealed the latest multi-game collaboration that it’s all about Arcane—A crossover that brings certainty league Champions who appear in on the show Between us.

For Riot and Innersloth, the greatest challenge for the two developers in combining the aesthetics of Between us and league came in the form of the very different art styles of the two games. “Fortunately, we are no strangers to having to change our world and our characters for the respective medium,” said Miao. “To the Between us, Innersloth and Riot had a chat about iconic silhouettes and shapes and important wardrobe options that would make the show unforgettable. ”

With this in mind, Riot and Innersloth have added 17 different cosmetic items Between useach a piece of. represent Arcane‘s most notable characters. From Vi’s iconic pink hair to Heimerdinger’s curly mustache, the two developers worked together to make sure the cosmetics were added Between us captured the spirit of league and Arcane.

Outside of Between us, the RiotX Arcane project has expanded to other titles, including battle royale games such as PUBG Mobile and Fourteen days. Earlier this month, Jinx – one of ArcaneMost Prominent Characters — was added to Fourteen days as equippable skin.

Image via Riot Games, Epic Games

“It was very important to us that Arcane Jinx read well within the Fourteen days Art style, ”said Miao. “In the end it is Fourteen days Player is the one who will live with the experience in the long run, and we wanted to avoid anything that would be sonically disruptive to your game. Epic has a lot of experience with other collaborations, capturing the essence and “reading” of a character while managing tones for its audience. We had every confidence that this would be the case Arcane as.”

Since 2018, Epic Games has added nearly 100 different characters from individual franchises and projects Fourteen days. This year alone, Epic has partnered with Marvel, Universal, and many others to bring major characters from the entertainment world to the game Fourteen days.

As for Riot, these recent ventures to showcase their intellectual property to a different audience are completely new and unique to the company. “Anything is possible,” said Miao about the plans for future collaborations. “This was just the first step for us when it comes to cross-game collaborations outside of Riot’s titles. But nothing is set in stone. We are simply very satisfied with the implementation and the possibilities. “

It continues with RiotX Arcane The project will continue over the next few weeks, with more episodes of the show premiering on Netflix. The second act of Arcane, which consists of the fourth, fifth, and sixth episodes of the show, premieres this Sunday, November 14th at 2 a.m. CT.

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