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10-year-old Far Cry producer Dan Hay is leaving Ubisoft

Dan Hay, who spent the last decade of his career as an executive producer on the Far away Series, has left Ubisoft. This news was shared by Video Games Chronicle and several other high profile media outlets after it was reported that the next one Far away pursues an “online-oriented” approach (read: live service). Hay allegedly worked on this change of direction.

As soon as the news of Hays departure made the rounds, Ubisoft officially confirmed the development in a statement that reads:

After more than 10 years at Ubisoft, Dan Hay has announced that he will start a new chapter in his professional life and leave the company on November 12th. Dan was the Executive Director of Far Cry and developed an incredible multidisciplinary team to produce one of the most popular games in Ubisoft history. Although Dan has not yet announced where his path will take him, we are confident that he will offer him the new challenges and experiences he seeks and deserves. We thank Dan for his many contributions over the years and wish him all the best for the future. Meanwhile, the branding team is led by Sandra Warren in Montreal and a highly skilled team of producers and directors, and continues to work with a number of other studios around the world.

The case of Ubisoft was accompanied by several high-profile departures. Recent reports suggest the developer is struggling to retain staff and is now offering pay increases to prevent high turnover.

[Source: VGC]

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