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EA lists known issues of Battlefield 2042 at launch

Battlefield 2042 will be released in Early Access tomorrow, November 12, 2021 for those who pre-ordered a specific version of the game, and early reviews for the PC even seem to suggest that the game hits the market in pretty good shape, EA has even gone so far as to list them all known issues for Battlefield 2042.

The news comes from the MP1ST website that says the list is from them. was made available EA. Now, of course, it should be noted that it is not the worst thing in the world for a game to have bugs, but it just can’t be any that break the game or actively make it unplayable.

However, since most of the reviews are based on the PC version of the game, it will be interesting to see how the console version holds up against it.

You can see the full list of known issues right here:

Known issues in Battlefield 2042 (Launch Build):


Breaking out

● All Platforms – We have identified some rubberbanding server instances if the
large silos on Breakaway are destroyed *
● All Platforms – In Breakthrough mode, players cannot spawn on B1 while
it is controversial *


● All Platforms – Bridge Destruction states tend to desynchronize when the player is on. accession
a late stage in the round *
● All Platforms – In Breakthrough mode, players cannot spawn on B1 while
it is controversial *


● PC, Xbox Series X | S & PlayStation 5 – There are some rare instances of visual
Flickering when playing on Discarded *


● PlayStation 5 – Inside the weather station on manifest while the building is in one
there are rare cases that can lead to strong flickering of our lighting
Systems that have the potential to trigger people with photosensitive conditions *


● All Platforms – We are aware of various issues that cause players to
stuck in the world geometry *
○ Some of these will be fixed for a patch after launch, please continue
Report every scenario where you get stuck in the cards!



● All platforms – in some situations, bots cannot revive fallen players *


● All Platforms – We understand that Ranger will not work if ordered through some
Obstacles and we are working to improve them.
● All platforms – Ranger can no longer respond to “Go” commands when the player is far away
away from Ranger, and we’re working to improve that too.


● All Platforms – The helicopter lock-on sound effect can be changed after the
Helicopter was destroyed *

User interface and messages:

● All Platforms – There is currently no error message telling the player that the
Game is still being installed *

● All Platforms – Subtitles are not present in video tutorials, even if the subtitle setting is. is

● Battlefield Portal – Loadouts have a slight tendency not to save or upon entry
quit a game *

● Battlefield Hazard Zone – Unlocked at the start of a second round from the previous one
Rounds are triggered during the intro sequence *

● All Platforms – When you return to the main menu after a game, become specialists
Textures can load slowly *

● All Platforms – The Vertical Sync option has no effect if enabled while
Using a 144 Hz monitor *

● All platforms – The “Show profile” option is in “Find EA ID” between. unavailable
Xbox Series S | X and PlayStation 5 players on the same platform *

● All Platforms – We are aware of a unique situation where accounts with access to
Battlefield 2042 on Multiple Platforms May Cause Cross Play Friends to Not Appear *

● All Platforms – The attacker’s gamer card will not load after being killed by someone else

● All Platforms – Sprint / Boost advisory text is currently misleading *

Progress & Unlocks:

● All Platforms – The rank shown in the lower right corner of the main menu is not always
Updated with the player’s actual rank achieved after an online session.
○ We are working on resolving this issue and will be providing further updates to a
later point in time.

● All platforms – weapon skins are unlocked, but show an incomplete progress bar
until the game has restarted *
○ Restarting the game will fix this for you, but it became a fix for a
upcoming update.

● All platforms – All skins for locked characters / weapons / vehicles have no mastery
Rank target *

● All platforms – The activation goal “Fly Not Ye Cowards” for Playercard Art is currently
wrong, you have to visit two locations on El Alamein in the same life to unlock them

● All platforms – EMP Mine is currently incorrectly labeled. We’re going to rename this to
EMP grenades at a later date.

● All platforms – some skins are applied via weapon spells.
○ We are working to fix this asap.
● All platforms – The mastery bar is only displayed for hardware items when T5 is unlocked *

● PlayStation 5 – The Med-Pen Championship Badge does not currently track progress
Rank 25 *

● PlayStation 5 – Captain Caspian player card background will not be unlocked afterwards
Fulfillment of his criteria *

Weapons & Devices:

Reconnaissance drone

● All Platforms – Players cannot currently deploy the OV-P reconnaissance drone while
● PC – The OV-P reconnaissance drone does not currently detect any enemy targets or vehicles *

XDR holo-visor
● All Platforms – We are aware of a few cases of ADS flickering with the XDR
Holo sight *


● All platforms – In rare cases vertical aiming in a vehicle can occur
Vehicle entry *

● All platforms – some vehicles may not have controller vibration when in use *

● All platforms – We know that some vehicles do not have RTAO (Ray-traced Ambient

MD540 night bird
● All platforms – missiles from the MD540 Nightbird that hit the ground can
sometimes appear as frozen *

How to play:
● All Platforms – Parachutes sometimes stay open even after the player has landed.
○ This will be improved in an upcoming update.

Danger zone:

● PC – We know that gamers have problems with mouse input when it comes to. goes
Selection of a specialist within the danger zone

○ While we are working on fixing this in an upcoming patch, players can work around this
this by selecting the selected specialist with the space bar.

● All Platforms – Players are currently unable to revive fallen teammates if they are
in the MV38-Condor (at the extraction point) *

● All Platforms – We are aware of a few rare instances of the extraction stream
Update after multiple extractions *

Source – [MP1ST]

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