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Doglife Respect Guide – How to get respect from the other animals

Doglife is the dog version of Bitlife and lets you live the life of a poop. There are a multitude of different decisions you can make and a multitude of different directions your life can take. In this guide, we’re going to look at how to gain respect in the game.

Respect is important because it takes you up the hierarchy and literally makes you the top dog. There are a number of achievements – click here to read our full list of Doglife Achievements and how to get them – that you must be respected for too. Plus, it’s just nice to be noticed.

We’ll show you how to get respect in the four different life situations you find yourself in in Doglife and why it can sometimes be a bad idea. So let’s do that – this is how you gain respect in doglife.

If you are a pet

Many of the ways to gain respect will be the same in any situation. You need to open the hierarchy menu and then select an animal from it. This shows you a number of different ways to interact.

The ones we need to focus on are attack, barking, and growling. Use these options on the other pets in your family home and you should earn some respect. However, you need to be careful. If you are trying to intimidate the alpha pet, there is a good chance that you will be attacked. Instead, start low in the hierarchy and work your way up.

You can also gain respect by using the Act Up options in the Activities menu. That way, you can do stupid things to gain the respect of your roommates. Keep in mind that if you get upset you could be sent to the shelter, so try to balance things out. Look for other people, like the postman, to challenge you as well.

When you are in a business

Most of the above also applies if you are a dog at a pet store. However, it’s usually best to wait until you’ve been bought from the pet store before attempting to earn your respect, as you’re much more likely to be sent to jail if you’re a nuisance.

When you’re on the street

Again, getting respect while on the street is similar to being a pet. You need to be much more careful, however, because dogs and other animals on the street are much more aggressive than in the first two situations. Focus on challenging animals further down the hierarchy to work your way up.

When you are at the shelter

There is a similar hierarchy in the pound as there is in the streets, but there are also ways to be aggressive towards the workers. However, try not to attack them as this may result in you being put to sleep, which will end the game.

Work your way up the pecking order and gain respect from lower animals before you even think about challenging the stronger, more respected dogs.

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