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Playtertainment Announces $ 5 Million Round of Financing | Pocket Gamer.biz

The creator of the Winner Winner app, Playtertainment, has completed a $ 5 million financing round led by SDV Holdings.

To date, it has raised $ 8 million after an early round of seeds.

Other notable investors included Sharp Alpha Advisors, Noel Hayden (founder of Gamesys), and Elad Cohen (co-founder of Playtech).

Winner Winner has been downloaded more than 1.2 million times since its inception in 2020 and is growing more than 30% quarterly.

It gives access to real-life claw and ticket redemption games, with multiplayer games like mini golf and mini bowling coming soon.

Almost 7 million games have been played on the platform and more than 20,000 prizes are sent out monthly.

“These games are known around the world and have a proven demand around the world. Our goal is to make them accessible to everyone, anywhere, anytime, ”said Cody Flaherty, co-founder of Playtertainment.

Physical and virtual merging

Co-founder Jon Davidman said he and Flaherty helped advance the so-called connected reality gaming market and bring physical, skill-based gameplay to mobile devices.

“What we work on has never been done on a large scale and we firmly believe that what we build will change the way we think about physical games and competitions,” he said.

“Technology enables us to create a highly interactive, connected gaming experience that enables players to compete in real, physical games and be rewarded for winning those competitions.”

Winner Winner is currently available in the US and UK with the aim of entering new markets in 2022.

“As convincing as the current game offerings are, we are even more excited about the underlying infrastructure that can support a solid content library as well as skills-based head-to-head competitions and social tournaments,” said Lloyd Danzig, Managing Partner of Sharp Alpha Advisors .

Further information can be found on the Winner Winner website.


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