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Fortnite’s Combat Pistol is an inferior version of the now domed pistol

Fortnite Season 8’s Sideways Rifles have been pretty disappointing so far. However, a new buff makes this weapon very deadly.

The Sideways Rifle is a new weapon introduced in Fortnite Season 8. However, numerous complaints have been encountered. Not because it’s so powerful, but because it feels useless.

Fortnite’s new rifle had a slow rate of fire, had to cool down after prolonged use, and its accuracy was terrible. Even the mythical variant of the weapon was disappointing.

The only redeeming quality of the side gun was that its shots caused 1.5 times the damage when overheated. Those shots would do a lot of damage, but only if the player could land a hit. Now Fortnite has polished the Sideways Rifle and it could be too deadly.

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Fortnite Sideways Rifle Buffed

On Tuesday November 9th, Epic Games released a Fortnite hotfix. This mini update added the combat pistol and also brought a pleasant surprise. The Sideways Rifle finally got a much-needed buff.

Three aspects of the Fortnite Sideways Rifle have been polished. It reaches its superpowered state faster, meaning that more of its shots deal 1.5x damage. It also stays superpowered longer, allowing players to take longer breaks between fires.

But the biggest buff came in the form of improved accuracy. Before that, it would be difficult to hit a standing player. Now players who run and fly through the air don’t stand a chance.

The clip below shows popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins using the improved Sideways Rifle. As you can see, this new buff is a game changer.

Once you hit a charged state and hit headshots, it doesn’t take much to eliminate players. In the clip, Ninja uses the Mythic version of the Sideways Rifle and deals 86 damage per headshot.

The hunting rifle could have serious competition for one of the best rifles in Fortnite. Now it takes a lot of skill to hit three headshots in a row with this weapon. But if you can do it, your opponents have no chance.

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