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Dead by daylight portrait of a murder adds new killers and survivors

A new killer and a survivor are on their way Dead in daylight later that month, along with the game’s release on the Epic Games Store. The two new characters are part of the new one Portrait of a murder Original chapter and will feature the game’s first Mexican-American survivor. the Portrait of a murder Chapter content will be available as DLC for the PS4 and PS5, as well as Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch for $ 7.99.

The artist becomes the newest killer in Dead in daylight, and has some pretty grotesque skills. Her real name is Carmina Mora, a former tortured Chilean artist who is under her command to kill ethereal crows. After drawing murals exposing local corruption, unknown attackers kidnapped and maimed Mora, causing the entity to awaken its powers. Since then, it has become a vessel of vengeance.

The artist attacks survivors with her two long, ink-soaked limbs, which replace her severed hands. She has some pretty cool finishers too. Streamer @sammy_m_jay showed a special final animation in which The Artist bursts crows out of the victim’s stomach.

Jonah Vasquez, a Mexican-American CIA code breaker, is the new survivor. Vasquez meets Mora after following a strange sequence of numbers that led to an abandoned Chilean cemetery. This cemetery is the same one that the attackers took Mora to. In addition, the dusty Chilean cemetery will also be available as a new map “The Forsaken Boneyard”. The Eyrie of Crows map is also currently in the player test build of. available Dead in daylight. It is currently unclear whether these two cards are identical.

In addition, the next week will be the last chance for players who Strange things Collaboration content in Dead in daylight. After November 17th, Nancy Wheeler, Steve Harrington and the Demogorgon will no longer be available in the in-game shop.

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