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XP changes in creative mode in Fortnite v18.40

leakage iFireMonkey revealed details of several XP changes for Creative Mode that will appear in the Fortnite v18.40 update.

The amount of XP that Fortnite automatically awards players after being in a creative match for a certain amount of time is reduced in version 18.40. Game-time XP will also only be gained from cards that don’t use the upcoming award device, allowing cardmakers to reward players with XP.

The new award device has no limits on the number of XP that can be awarded in a Creative Match, however, individual players’ earnings will decrease once they reach the daily XP threshold of all Creative Games. XP awarded the Accolades Device will work for any published card that has successfully passed moderation and initial XP calibrations.

  • The creators do not provide the actual XP values. The XP values ​​of each award are assessed by XP calibration.
  • Supercharged XP does not work on these devices
  • Max. 30 Accolade devices per card
Image via Epic Games

Creative Mode will also have an AFK detection system in v18.40, which means the popular method of collecting Creative XP without actually playing it will no longer work.

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