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The free Back 4 Blood update brings stats tracking and progress to solo play

Turtle Rock Studios will give Back 4 blood a solo offline mode that includes campaign progress, according to a post-launch content roadmap the studio revealed on Monday. The mode will be available in a free update until the end of 2021.

While we found that solo games in the PvE zombie shooter weren’t as ominous as the loading screen warns, players felt warned by the lack of stats and progress towards in-game achievements. Their not unfounded assumption was that the restrictions were the kind of Turtle Rock that got people to multiplayer as an intended experience.

Solo offline mode will come with the free update in December, along with new supply lines, new maps, and more. November it will also be a free one Back 4 blood Patch that vaguely promises “quality of life improvements” and “major bug fixes”. For free content in 2022, Turtle Rock Studios are aiming for a new level of difficulty, a new co-op mode, and more maps, among other things.

Back 4 blood also has three premium expansions for those purchasing the game’s annual pass. The first will be called Tunnel of terror. It and the other two unnamed extensions all have 2022 launch windows, nothing specific. They offer new cleaners, new ridden enemies, new weapons and maps, and exclusive skins.

Turtle Rock’s Twitter account posted this visual rundown of the studio’s post-launch plans:

Back 4 bloodThe annual pass costs $ 39.99 separately; those who bought either the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions for $ 89.99 or $ 99.99 received the pass. It is not yet known whether Turtle Rock and Warner Bros. Games will sell the expansions à la carte. Back 4 blood was released the same day on Xbox Game Pass and is available there for PC and console subscribers.

The cooperative PvE zombie shooter is the third game from Turtle Rock that started the zombie shooter craze with the original 13 years ago left 4 Dead for valve. Our test found that their formula for success has been updated with some nods to modern gameplay, including weapon accessories and equipment rarity, a ping callout system, and deck building.

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