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Glowing Moss and Grapevine DIY Recipes – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide

Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘Major 2.0 update added some new crafting materials: Grapevines and shining moss. These materials are not native to your island and there are tons of home improvement makers using them. Our Deer crossing: New Horizons The Wine and Glowing Moss Guide explains where to find vines and glowing moss, and where to find DIY recipes that use these materials.

Where can you find grapevines and glowing moss

Grapevines and glowing moss just give up Specific Kapp’n boat tours. Some islands will be filled with the mysterious flora and you can harvest them and take it all back with you. Grape vines and glowing moss don’t grow natively on your island, so you’ll have to be lucky with a Kapp’n Island to find them unless you have the game’s DLC.

If you have that Happy home paradise DLC, glowing moss and tendrils spawn towards the Back of the hub island, near the ruins. You can freely harvest these to take home and use in home improvement, and they appear to grow back based on our own tests.

Vine and Glowing Moss DIY Recipe List

There are 40 DIY recipes that use grapevines and / or glowing moss.

So far we have only found DIY recipes for these items with the glowing moss and the vine on the Kapp’n Islands. There is a recipe for each bright moss and vine island that sits in a bottle by the sea. Be sure to look for and reach for it before you leave the island.

We have listed the recipes below courtesy of Nook Plaza. We will update with more pictures as we find more recipes.


A DIY recipe for a New Horizons cave.

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo via Polygon

  • 10 grapevine
  • 20 glowing moss
  • 30 stones

Full body suit made of luminous moss

Huge vine

Glow in the dark stickers

Glowing moss balloon

  • 10 glowing moss
  • 1 iron nugget

Luminous moss boulders

Cave wall made of glowing moss

Glowing moss dress

Luminous moss floor

  • 10 glowing moss
  • 10 lumps of weed
  • 5 stone

Luminous moss forest wall

  • 10 glowing moss
  • 10 hardwood

Luminous moss headband

Glowing moss hood

Mulled moss jar

Glass shelves made of glowing moss

  • 6 glowing moss glasses
  • 6 iron nuggets

Visor cap made of luminous moss

Glow moss pond

Luminous moss carpet

Luminous wall of moss ruins

  • 10 glowing moss
  • 1 wall of ruins

Luminescent moss statue

Luminous moss stool

Luminous moss wreath

Hanging glowing moss

Cable net floor

Rope net wall

Round carpet made of bright moss

Round carpet of wine

Destroyed bow

Broken pillar ruined

Destroyed ornate column

Destroyed seat

Suspicious cauldron

  • 10 glowing moss
  • 10 iron nuggets

Wine bench

Vine crown

Wine garland

Hanging chair made from grapevines

Set-up kit for wine ladders

Wine lamp

Lines outfit

Woven grapevine pouch

Hat made of woven tendrils

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