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Fortnite v18.30 Hotfix 2 – The Combat Gun

Fortnite’s newest hotfix for Chapter 2, Season 8 is here with some minor changes and new additions to the game.

The combat pistol

With the second hotfix for v18.30 the new weapon Combat Pistol was added to the loot pool.

“Like the Combat Assault Rifle, the Combat Pistol has a tight bullet distribution and exceptional power. That power coincides with a strong recoil, so it takes an accomplished margin of fire to fire its full potential.

Combat pistols can be found in chests, on the ground, and while fishing. The standard pistol was vaulted while the combat pistol was distributed across the island. “

The standard pistol has been domed as the new combat pistol replaces it.

Shadow flopper

The shadow flopper was removed from the competitive playlists in the v18.30 hotfix.

Sideways rifle updated

The Sideways Rifle weapon has been updated with some refinements in the latest hotfix. The ‘overpowering state’ is now reached faster, making the weapon more accurate for longer.

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