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‘Dead Cells’ will soon add the Drifter from ‘Hyper Light Drifter’ as a playable character – TouchArcade

Dead cells ($ 8.99) from Motion Twin has been awesome thanks to various updates from Playdigious following the game’s mobile launch on iOS and Android. After the start, Dead cells has received new content and DLC over time that brings it closer to the PC and console versions, including The Bad Seed and Fatal Falls DLC. Motion Twin announced this yesterday Dead cells will add the Drifter from Heart Machine Hyper light drifters ($ 4.99) as a playable character apparently. Check out the short GIF in the following tweet:

The drifter of Hyper light drifters will arrive with his blaster (a first for Dead cells). It’s worth noting that this was just announced. When it will be available on all platforms is not yet known. It is likely that the PC version and possibly consoles will get the Drifter from Hyper light drifters soon, while mobile users have to wait a bit. Hopefully Playdigious can confirm if and when this content will be added Dead cells soon on iOS and Android. If you haven’t bought Dead cells Read our review of the iOS port here. If you are using iOS, you can buy it from the App Store. Check it out here on Google Play for Android. If you haven’t got it Hyper light drifters However, check out my review of the amazing iOS version of Abylight. What would you like to see added Dead cells if you play it regularly and what do you think of the clip above?


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