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Clash Mini starts soft launch in Canada and Scandinavia | Pocket Gamer.biz

Supercell has shed a new light on its three new Clash titles that are currently in development.

In a new video, two of the Supercell team spoke to players about the current status of Clash Mini, Clash Heroes and Clash Quest.

First, Clash Mini is going into soft launch starting today (November 8th) with a beta in Finland, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.

During the beta, players can assemble a team of heroes and minis to battle it out on the game’s autochess-like battlefield.

During the beta, Supercell mentioned the possibility of potential future content while customizing the current player experience.

Collision, collision, and more collision

Second, the team stated that Clash Heroes is still in its early stages and a release date has not yet been confirmed.

Clash Heroes recently went through a closed alpha test with a few hundred players that gave the team insights with gameplay feedback.

Supercell stated that in the future they are “working hard on new features, gameplay and world building” and that the next phase for Clash Heroes will be an open beta, but the start date has yet to be confirmed.

Finally, the team discussed some of the new features that have been added to Clash Quest since the game’s soft start, such as new bosses, new troops, and additional features like shipwrecks and dungeons.

The latest update to Clash Quest introduced its newest social feature, Clans, which allows players to play together and compete in the Clan League. The update also saw the addition of a brand new boss and a new original squad.

Supercell stated that there is no planned release date for Clash Quest, but more content will appear in the game soon.

In addition to the upcoming Clash titles, Supercell, in collaboration with Space Ape Games, has launched Boom Beach: Frontlines in Canada and will gradually roll out the title worldwide.

To see more of the upcoming mobile games, visit our soft launch list to keep up to date on what’s coming soon.


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