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Between Us: Cosmicube update now live, new roles, an in-game shop, account linking and more

Between us I just got the biggest update with the Cosmicube updatethat adds new ones roll to the game, a new one Loading in game, The ability to Link your account across platforms, and it’s available now.

The message was in a Emergency meeting Livestream from Inner slothwhich included an animated presentation that also included the gameplay of the new update. You can watch the full video right here:

A in the game Store isn’t a surprising addition to the game as your avatar is in Between us is full of opportunities to dress up and stylize yourself. With this update, you also get brand new cosmetic options such as:

Speaking of beans, this is one of the new currencies in the game. Beans are earned through regular online gameplay and can be used to redeem some cosmicubes and cosmetics in the store. The premium currency are stars that can be bought with real money. Stars can be used to purchase special items and cosimcubes in-store.

Pods are the last type of currency, and you can collect a Pod. “If and only if you have activated a Cosmicube,” says developer Innersloth on their website. As cool as this cosmetic comes into play, Inner sloth It is very blunt that the in-game store is only there to make money, but they are also very transparent as they are just cosmetics that have no gameplay effect and the money is used for development costs .

Roles, on the other hand, have a massive impact on gameplay. There are three new crew member roles, scientist, engineer and Guardian Angel, along with a new cheat role – Shapeshifter.

Starting with the Shapeshifter, It appears that Between us came full circle when he played out one of the game’s inspirations, John Carpenter’s The Thing. This new role can transform into players who just killed them, although the process includes an animation that takes a few seconds so you won’t be able to perform it right away.

the scientist has a device with which they can see the vital signs of each player at any time. So if someone dies that scientist will likely be the first to know about it – although you need to keep your device charged by doing tasks. the engineer is simply a crew member who can travel through the vents and the Guardian Angel is a fallen crew member who, as a ghost, can protect remaining crew members with a shield.

As with any other role, you can adjust how many you want, what advantages or disadvantages they have, and what individual skills they have.

Another long-awaited feature added in this update is Achievements, which is great news for trophy hunters who will likely have a fair list of trophies to earn another platinum.

With Between us get to PS5 and PS4 and this new update that is just about to be released is going to be a great time for all newcomers Between us and it will now be easy for veterans to link your account to your existing platforms.

But what is more is that Inner sloth teases at the end of the blog post about this update that there will be more to come, including until the next one Playstation Publication.

Source – [Innersloth]

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