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This is how you can see and win the live stream of Bagel Bites Unexpected Combinations

Bagel Bites is hosting a new Unexpected Combinations competition with two teams and if you enter you might have a chance to win a PS5.

“Unexpected Combinations” is an eSports relay race that combines both gaming events and challenges with real games and obstacles.

If you’re interested in winning a Bagel Bites PlayStation 5 console, headphones and a new gaming chair, this competition has all of those criteria.

Now let’s see how you can enter.

Bagel Bites Unexpected combinations

The teams

The two teams involved are both Team pizza (under the direction of FaZe H1ghSky1 and Ghost blake), against Team bagel (run by TSM Co1azo and Blushi).

Key data

on the 20th of October Submissions were accepted, but the window of opportunity is slamming November 3rd.

So enter

If you want to participate, here are a few things you need to know in order to receive your submission before the deadline:

  1. Create a submission video by you and a parent that shows your love for bagel bites and games.
  2. Post the video on a social platform like Instagram, Twitter or TikTok.
  3. Tag your parents and use the hashtags #bagelbites and #contest with your post.
  4. Waiting for an invitation to join and compete either #teampizza or #teambagel.

So watch

Once all entries have been counted, the competition will take place on three days from 8-12 November and will be streamed live on Bagel Bites’ official YouTube.

What games do they play?

Fortnite Spacefarer Ariana Grande Skin

The teams compete in the following video games 8-12 November.

  • Between us
  • Fourteen days
  • NBA 2K22
  • Missile league
  • Overcooked
  • Minecraft

You will also compete against each other in three Bagel Bites-inspired “rule bending” games. These are as follows:

  • Bagel board
  • Bagel farmer
  • Catapult Challenge


The winning team will be taken home Bagel Bites branded PS5 console, gaming chair and headphones as the main prize.

If you don’t receive your submission before the submission deadline, don’t worry. Livestream viewers also have multiple chances to win various Bagel Bites branded prizes, including additional PS5s, gaming chairs, and merch, while watching.

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