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The best color blind settings for Fortnite

Players need decent aiming and reflexes to outdo each other Fourteen days. However, that is by no means the whole story. There are other factors that can fundamentally change player matches Fourteen days.

Detecting your enemy before they can see you often gives you an advantage over them, and once you have the element of surprise on your side, the chances of defeating your opponent are greatly increased. Players have used various tricks to make it easier to spot enemies in Fourteen days, and one of them is the use of various color-blind settings.

While these settings are lifesaving for color blind players, many competitive players use the setting for their slightly different color palettes. The best color blindness settings make some tones appear lighter than they normally are, making it easier to spot enemies from a distance.

As with everyone else Fourteen days Attitudes, your personal preference, are a factor in determining the best color blindness setting for you. However, there is a clear trend when it comes to which color blind setting most competitive players use, and it can give you a slight head start.

Here are the best settings for color blindness for Fourteen days.

  • Color blind mode: Protanop
  • strength: Five seven

Players like Bugha, the 2019 Fourteen days World Champion and Arkhram, one of the highest rated Fourteen days Players in 2021 will prefer Protanope color blind mode over the other options. While most players use Protanope mode, their choice of strength will be different. Anything between five and seven should do the job, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide which strength setting to use.

If you played Fourteen days without a color-blind mindset for a long time, adjusting to the change can be a little difficult. Your new color blindness settings may feel strange at first, but you should be able to get used to them over time.

Fourteen days Fans who want to try all of the colorblind modes side by side can watch videos showing their differences as you can’t try all of them in the game to compare them at the same time.

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