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Rating: Cotton 100% (Nintendo Switch)

Park the fighter and put the weapons back in the safe. Instead, grab your broom and wand and prepare to be destroyed by the cuteness! Cotton 100% was a Japanese Super Famicom title that followed the popular Cotton Fantastic Night Dreams originally released on the PC engine and Turbographx 16 CD system. The Cotton series is made up of adorable shmups with cute cartoon themes, and this title doesn’t let up on cuteness with super brightly colored sprites and huge goofy baddies.

Cotton 100% seems to be a direct port of the original; they even kept the original aspect ratio and resolution. Similar to many Shmups, you have a basic weapon that increases in power as you collect crystals. You also have a fairy similar to Gradius’s options that follows you and provides additional cover fire. There are also different types of magic that you can find, like a shield and a flaming dragon that scorches everything in its path, to name a few.

The game offers a great presentation with wonderful creature and character animations as well as digitized voice samples for additional effects. The SNES had a great color palette and was used well in the game. Add tons of parallax scrolling in the backgrounds which are beautifully animated on every stage too. The gameplay is typical and well done; I didn’t see anything that interferes with or interferes with the gameplay.

The port has some additional features that were not included in the original version. Save status, rewind and classic mode. The first two are self-explanatory. However, the classic mode is the original with only three lives and three sequels. In this mode it is a challenge to beat Cotton 100%. However, this will unlock some new features. But I don’t want to give everything up.

Cotton 100% is a fantastically fun game. The stages are way too short, however, and that’s a downside given the $ 14.99 price tag. But is its price a show stopper? It’s up to you, the consumer. Even so, Cotton is 100% silly, entertaining, and has a decent challenge to beat.

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