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Panoramic Cotton Review (PS4) | Press square

It’s gratifying that United Games Entertainment is working with ININ Games and Ratalaika Games on port programming to bring only Japanese retro games to modern consoles, like Mega Drive’s Space Harrier-like rail shooter, Panorama Cotton. It’s magical to witness aging 16-bit hardware that powers SEGA’s Super Scaler games like Galaxy Force II, Thunder Blade, and. has converted inconspicuously Turbo OutRun – That Success has achieved technically stunning graphical results with the lost art of sprite scaling.

The original cotton The creepy, cute setting, along with the creative soundtrack by Kenichi Hirata, is miraculously expanded to increase the quirkiness to up to eleven. With the option to adjust Cotton’s speed and control the broomstick riding witch with reverse controls, the effective shoot-’em-up elements of the original are from Cotton Reboot! move to a single player perspective from the third person perspective.

It’s chaotic fun blowing up colored crystals for magical attacks, taking multiple routes through imaginatively designed levels and collecting tea time bonuses. With five surreal stages and a “Final Battle” section, it takes 45 minutes to beat – plus there’s an attainable but easily skill-based platinum trophy that requires reaching a million points in Challenge mode without relying on the rewind feature , Save states or cheat.

After Ratalaika’s good work on Gleylancer, Panorama Cotton offers a welcome amount of display options for CRT shaders, scanlines, and screen curvature. Unfortunately, early release errors undermined our confidence in smaller niggles, for example it was unclear how we unlocked the playable fairy Silk, there are no wallpaper options, and the 4: 3 DAR without a shader display incorrectly fills the widescreen. Plus, the Japanese story text hasn’t been translated, there’s no gameplay manual, and it’s more than twice as expensive as Gleylancer.

It’s disheartening that a previously Japanese exclusive Mega Drive game that has been patiently awaited since 1994 is now known for poor presentation as version 1.00 breaks with gameplay emulation bugs – like the lack of scaffolding obstacles from Stage 2 and invisible enemies. There was a narrow window for the Halloween 2021 hype, and although luckily a week later version 1.01 was patched in the omitted sprites, Panorama Cotton could still be haunted by the shame of Ratalaika’s conversion. Since many gamers have never experienced this rare game before, it would be a shame to believe that an initially poor PS4 port correlates directly with the quality of the original.

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