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Killzone 2 online server restored by fans

The online server for PS3 classics Killzone 2 were revived by a group of fans called PSONE, also known as PlayStation Online Emulated. The first person shooter from Guerrilla Games was taken offline together with Killzone 3 in March 2018.

The group’s goal is to bring back classic PlayStation multiplayer for various projects after the Sony shutdown, with Killzone 2 being an obvious choice given its popularity with gamers

PS Online Network Emulated is an ongoing effort to reactivate several PlayStation games online. The PS, available since 2002, is a pretty old game console. Despite its age, there are still people who want to play online.

Some just like to be reminded of the old days, some want to enjoy games that simply have no equivalent on more modern consoles. Sony decided to stop hosting game servers, which made some games unusable, or at least difficult to use.

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PSONE has advised that a number of Killzone 2 online features will be unavailable, including:

  • Community features (clan, mailbox, tournaments)
  • Statistics (Ribbons, Medals, Rank, Valor Rank)
  • Trophies – Official Game Rooms
  • Secondary Badges In the absence of statistics, all players have the highest rank and purple ribbon.

To get Killzone 2 multiplayer up and running, it’s as easy as having:

  • Internet access (should allow custom DNS servers)
  • A PlayStation Network account
  • A PlayStation 3 (no jailbreak required as this is for legitimate consoles)
  • A copy of Killzone 2

Killzone 2 was released for the PS3 in early 2009 and was one of the first games announced for the console at E3 2005.

[Source – PSONE]

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