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Hackers trying to jailbreak the PS5 have reached a new milestone

Hacker group fail0verflow has revealed that the outfit has reached a major milestone in its attempt to jailbreak the PS5 by tweeting “someone else is biting the dust” accompanied by an image that resembles an image of the console’s root eyes looks.

The group previously managed to bypass the PS3’s security measures and gain notoriety in the process over a decade ago. Now they seem to have managed to get one step closer to cracking Sony’s latest home console with a tweet posted today:

Translation – we all have PS5 (symmetrical) root keys. They can all be accessed through software – including the root key per console if you look closely.

It should be noted that this does not necessarily mean that the group managed to bypass the security measures on the PS5 completely, acquiring the root key is definitely an important step.

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Elsewhere, the group was asked on Twitter whether the trunk keys could be easily “turned”, which is why they answered “no”.

[Source – VGC]

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