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SEGA Talks Sonic Movie Success in Financial Report

The notorious Sonic the Hedgehog The 2019 movie character design fiasco appears to have worked in SEGA’s favor. That’s what the company announced to investors, at least recently, in a financial report in which it found that listening to fan feedback and redesigning the characters – costly as it was – increased fan satisfaction, which turned into a positive public one Opinion that ultimately drove the film to success.

The report reads:

The secret of the film’s great success was precisely the strength of the worldwide Sonic fan base. We released the film’s character designs as pre-release commercials. In response, many fans posted harsh, critical comments on the designs on various social media channels. We’ve listened carefully to those voices, taken the criticism seriously, and made major design changes. The result was a significant improvement in fan satisfaction. The fan base became a positive influencing factor for the film, which spread to the general public, drew a great response and made the film’s great success.

SEGA thinks so sound The success of the film raised intellectual property awareness and ultimately “significantly” contributed to a surge in game sales.

“Our approach – taking fan feedback seriously and reflecting their concerns in intellectual property development and actions – these types of fan engagement building activities have become critical,” added SEGA.

SEGA also announced that following the success of the film and the deal with Netflix on a series, it had been approached “numerous other business opportunities”.

Sonic the Hedgehog The film should have a sequel.

[Source: SEGA via ResetEra]

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