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Nintendo is still debating what its next console could be after the move

Nintendo will apparently stick with the Switch for a few more years, with internal discussions still going on around a release window for a next-gen console and even what the concept will look like.

As expected, Nintendo plans to replace the Switch with a new gaming system one day (to the Nintendo Account System). However, the presentation only indicated the date “20XX” for the release of this hardware.

During a Q&A on financial results – as visited, translated and reported by analysts David Gibson – Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa was asked what he could say about the next generation device. Furukawa knew there was very little he could say, and it seems that even the next console in the company is still up for debate.

“We’re not saying anything about the next generation at the moment,” said Furukawa, “we are still having internal discussions about the concept, timing, etc. and discussing everything.”

Furukawa said, however, that the Switch is in the “middle stage” of its life cycle, meaning we have at least a few more years before Nintendo is considering replacing it. In May 2020, Furukawa said the Switch had “barely” reached half of its life.

This is in line with Nintendo’s goals for the coming year. The financial presentation showed that with the addition of the Nintendo Switch OLED model to its lineup, it is hoping for a sixth consecutive year of growth in Switch sales, “something we have never seen before with our dedicated video game platform business.” Until the Switch stops growing, Nintendo is extremely unlikely to attempt to replace it.

Despite its hopes for the OLED, Nintendo has already confirmed that not all of its resources will be poured into the new model, saying that all three Switch variants (normal, OLED and Lite) “meet different needs”.

Nintendo Switch OLED model vs. Original Nintendo Switch comparison

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